What people are saying about Handshake

Award winning media production projects that you can actively participate in

“I got to be part of a project that makes the world better to be in”.
~ Stephanie Smith

“As a photojournalist the Handshake was an exceptional entry point” ~ Jessica Burbridge

“An experience like no other”.
~ David Lawes

“I had such an amazing time!”
~ Eric Okerlund

“Handshake opened my eyes to the wonders of Africa”
~ Ash Williams

“I will never forget those 4 weeks I spent in Kenya”
~ Luke Coldman

“Make tracks in conservation you’ll never forget!”
~ Huw Diprose

“The staff were always there to listen, advise, and support. “.
~ Leslie Bratton

“I can’t say enough about this organisation, they are amazing!”.
~ Lauren Gribble

“Guys, you inspire people to be better”.
~ Matthew Spencer

“Taking part in the Handshake was a life changing experience”.
~ Conor McGrath

“The experience is something that you shall never forget”.
~ Matt Hilton

“The Great Primate Handshake is like no other oversees
volunteer experience available”. ~ Katherine Stansfield

“Gain valuable insight into the customs and beliefs of others”
~ Jessica Martin

“Such a different experience, a unique way of volunteering”.
~ Harriet Sleath

“I learnt so much out there”.
~ Jade Allen

“It inspired me to pursue a career in conservation education ”
~ Kerry Ewer

“Handshake changed the way I see the world”
~ Anna Douglas

“More hands on than the uni course I did in media”
~ Laura Kearsly

“The entire experience was one I could never have imagined!”.
~ Emma Nash

  • Stephanie Smith
  • Jessica Burbridge
  • David Lawes
  • Eric Okerlund
  • Ash Williams
  • Luke Coldman
  • Huw Diprose
  • Leslie Bratton
  • Lauren Gribble
  • Matthew Spencer
  • Conor McGrath
  • Matthew Hilton
  • Katherine Stansfield
  • Jessica Martin
  • Harriet Sleath
  • Jade Allen
  • Kerry Ewer
  • Anna Douglas
  • Laura Kearsly
  • Emma Nash

Handshake Projects

Join us on a Handshake as a media production volunteer

Experienced and trusted media production

We work with charities and NGOs globally to deliver their digital visions

Website design & branding

Website design & branding

We host, design and manage websites for the Zoological Society of London

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Online supporter services & campaigns

Online supporter services & campaigns

We create viral apps, widgets and campaigns for the National Union of Students

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Video production & training

Video production & training

We train hundreds of students and volunteers annually in video production

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Interactive games & apps

Interactive games & apps

We specialise in wildlife conservation themed games and apps for all ages

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Print & publication design

Print & publication design

We design both printed and digital publications, including eMagazines  

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