Photo taken just before the team embarked on their 28-day journey.

Photo taken just before the team embarked on their 28-day journey.

It’s 5 years to the day since the first Great Primate Handshake volunteer expedition began in Cape Town, South Africa. 18 volunteers answered the call to join the ‘shake and embarked on a journey that would take them across the country creating digital content for primate sanctuaries and primate conservation organisations.

Today we’re celebrating, not only with the launch of our new online home, but over the next 28 days we will be revisiting the first groundbreaking journey.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be hearing from the inaugural team who will be reminiscing on their favorite memory from that expedition and letting us know where they are now.
We’ve also scanned the Handshake archives and unearthed some never-before-seen video clips and photographs that we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

We will also have special guest blogs and interviews from organisations that we have supported, sharing their memories and the difference Handshake volunteers have made to their organisation.

For today’s birthday treat we have uploaded a high quality version of the first volunteer film produced: Day One of the Primate Handshake

Originally uploaded when YouTube was a low quality streaming site.


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