Amber is from Pembrokshire in Wales where she grew up, she is 19 years old and studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David in Lampeter. She is currently studying for an Anthropology degree which she throughly enjoys as she has a keen interest in people and cultures.  At college she studied Media studies, Drama and R.eligious studies she is very interested in media and drama and is a very talented actress; she aspires to do this as a further career after her degree.

Though Amber is from countryside she is obsessed with the city life and frequently visits London to attend gigs and shows, she loves music and is probably one of Jessie J’s biggest fans. In her spare time she likes to play the guitar and sing along to her favourite artists songs.

Amber is a very active and spontaneous person hence why she decided to come on The Handshake expedition, the fact that she studies Anthropology sways in her favour as this trip will be based around small communities where she will have time to understand the people and grasp the concept of the varied cultures in East Africa, Kenya.

Her first impression of Kenya; she was pretty startled at the way of life here and how different it is to that at home. However, as the time has gone on she has settled in and really likes it and finds the people very friendly and welcoming.

Her biggest challenge is using apple mac laptops and moving away from home to go to university.

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