The past seven days have been a complete whirlwind of exciting and inspiring projects and, for some, a roller coaster of emotions. Today we have begun editing the videos we have compiled over the past week, and having some time in the cool shaded cottage has given me some time for reflection and recollection of the time we've spent here so far.

Another thing that will stay with me, is how hard people work here and the extent to which they want to learn and make a difference to their own, their families', and the local wildlife's lives. We have visited more projects than I can count on both hands, but one of my favourite ones have been a tree nursery set up for somewhere for blind people to learn, work and earn a living. Regardless of their disability, these people are using their other skills to make a life for themselves and not relying on or blaming other people, which arguably has become a common theme in the UK. Another project that stood out for me was the Lima Self Help Group where women in the community own and plant tree nurseries.The women are then able to sell the by products of the trees and leaves, including herbal lotions and potions (which I purchased and look forward to using), which in turn enables them to earn money to support their families and pay for their children's education.

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