We couldn’t bear to eat the egg mayonnaise we had prepared for lunch, which was then left in the car all day. None of us were up for cooking either, instead we ate dinner at the restaurant opposite our cottage.

The food is really cheap and we even saved money by bringing our own beers. Surprisingly they had a few Kenyan dishes on the menu (it’s hard to find places that sell Kenyan food, its mostly pizza, pasta dishes, burgers and curry). I had tuna steak with masala chips and it was one of my favourites meals so far on this trip. This was only 600 Kenyan shilling (£4.29). I had never eaten tuna steaks before, it was very meaty so it was a struggle to finish it all. The masala chips were a lot spicier than the previous ones I had in Coast Dishes Restaurant, this was really good as it gave them more flavour. The margarita pizza also looked yummy, Laurence, Emily and Lucy had this.


By Sam


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