Looking Glam Before Life in the Forest.

Looking Glam Before Life in the Forest.

In 2012 Cat took part in The Primate Handshake in Uganda. Kat had heard about Ape Action before and as a fan of Gorrilas, when she heard the handshake were doing a project with Ape Action, she jumped on board, keen to add to her growing experience in conservation.

Kat works for PTES (The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species), as an administrative officer. As quite a bit of this work is behind a desk Kat wanted to do rid herself of that piece of wooden furniture for a bit and get a bit more hands on conservation work, feeling its important to do something worthwhile whilst traveling.

Arriving by night in a pick up truck from the airport, the sounds and smells of the jungle rushed back to Kat, reminding her of her time in Uganda. She quickly found the sanctuary to be bigger than she expected, the project to be bigger than she expected, and there to be lots to help out with. All great in Kats mind, as was the experience of being out in the middle of no where.

Kat is looking forward to filming the great apes, and spending time with them, watching their activities. She feels she could do this all day, but one thing fills her with dread, the idea of awaking at night to find herself face to face with a scorpion, but she’s thinking this hopefully shouldn’t happen.

Other conservation volunteering trips often require months to be taken off work where as this is shorter and you get to work with digital media, something that’s increasingly important now-a-days. It’s not something you’d think of initially but communication is vital in getting a message out to people; believes Kat who also states that another key reason for coming back on a handshake was to spend more time with Laurence, Lucy and Emily‚Ķ a bit weird

Whilst in the depths of the jungle Kat says the luxuries she will miss most are a warm bed and being clean all the time.

Before her first handshake trip Kat hadn’t done much traveling, she wanted to change this and improve on her experience of digital media, which she uses at work. She hopes to add to all this on this new adventure. And I’m sure the Gorillas are looking to seeing her too.

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