14th February 2007: Ffresh Pitch to Win

Alasdair and Laurence present their vision for the Handshake for the first time in a pitching competition and win.

Summer 2007: Partner with Oasis Overland

Meeting with Oasis Overland to discuss hiring their services to power the Great Primate Handshake expeditions.

25th July 2008: Prepping in South Africa

Handshake team Alasdair, Laurence, Kirsty and Gaynor arrive in South Africa to begin prepping for the coming expedition. Meeting with the Oasis Overland truck Nox for the first time and her driver Stu.

1st August 2008:
Great Primate Handshake South Africa 2008

First Great Primate Handshake volunteer expedition takes place in South Africa. 18 volunteers from across the world joined us for a 28 day expedition traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg creating content with the Cape Town Baboon Research Unit, Vervet Monkey Foundation and C.A.R.E.

19th June 2009:
Great Primate Handshake Kenya 2009

The start of three back-to-back Handshake expeditions starting in Kenya and creating content for Colobus Conservation (then known as the Colobus Trust) before travelling across Kenya, planting trees with Treeflights for each person on the expedition and observing the chimpanzees at Sweetwaters.

22nd July 2009:
Great Primate Handshake Uganda 2009

After saying a teary farewell to the Kenya volunteers in Nairobi, the Handshake staff travelled over to Entebbe for the start of the Ugandan expedition.

Here we covered the work of organisations such as the Ugandan Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) and the Ugandan Wildlife Services as well visiting the Kasiisi project who had just had a delivery of 100 XO laptops from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) foundation.

1st September 2009:
Great Primate Handshake South Africa 2009

Having taken a three week journey traveling from Uganda to South Africa the Handshake staff meet the final team of volunteers in Johannesburg and take them on a journey of content creation for the likes of Jane Goodall’s Chimp Eden, Kruger national park whilst revisiting previous organisations such as Vervet Monkey Foundation and C.A.R.E.

2nd July 2010:
Great Primate Handshake Uganda 2010

On our second visit to Uganda we continued work with Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT), visiting a number of their community outreach projects in Hoima, seeing how Kasiisi School was progressing with their XO laptops whilst volunteers also got the chance to go white water rafting down the river Nile.

6th August 2010:
Great Primate Handshake Kenya 2010

Back in Kenya with a new team we returned to some familiar projects in and around Kakamega Rainforest, created content for Ol’ Pejta game reserve and the tree planting communities, supported by the Community Carbon Link.

26th April 2012: Partner with Size of Wales

The Handshake became a Forest Project partner with Size of Wales, committing to supporting one or more of their projects per year. Projects supported so far include Community Carbon Link, Greenbelt Movement, WWF Cymru: Kwale projects.

19th July Kenya 2012:
Great Primate Handshake Kenya 2012

Collaborating with the One Tree, One Child, One Planet to create our first Indie Go Go campaign, our volunteers created a series of videos that highlighted the success of the Community Carbon Link efforts alongside an easily accessible video to draw attention to the cause.

26th August Uganda 2012:
Great Primate Handshake Uganda 2012

Our third expedition to the country brought even more discoveries such as the magical Mabira Forest which became our home for several days, meeting familiar faces at Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary and an amazing safari experience at the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

16th February 2013: New projects launch

Announce new project specific 12-day projects for 2013 and 2014 expeditions.

2nd September: Reforestation Handshake 2013 with One Tree, One Child, One Planet.

This project was created to produce a short film covering the newly created Women’s Forestry Project. This unique community-linking project, co-coordinated by Community Carbon Link, supplies over 100 women with seedlings, solar panels and solar lanterns which enables them to start a carbon retentive small business to protect the tropical forest resources that we all ultimately depend on.

23rd September: Wildlife Handshake 2013

Working with WWF supported projects in the Kwale district supporting tree nurseries, national parks and a sacred forest on the coast of Kenya, where you will meet the communities and conservationists who are dedicating their lives to protecting endemic species in unique habitats.

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13th October: Primate Handshake Cameroon 2013 – Project 1

Ape Action Africa: Film Chimpanzees and Gorilla

The Handshake visits Cameroon for the first time to work with Ape Action Africa, in the first of three projects we create a documentary designed to show the charity’s supporters how their donations have helped the primates of the sanctuary.

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27th October Ape Action Africa: Primate Handshake Cameroon 2013 – Project 2

Primate Education and Outreach Project Video

Volunteers will be creating a film covering the recently formed women’s community group showcasing how Ape Action Africa involves the wider community within its conservation efforts. Your film will capture footage of the orphaned apes housed within the sanctuary as well as the opportunity to interview people from the surrounding villages to discuss their changing attitudes towards the primates.

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10th November Ape Action Africa:
Primate Handshake Cameroon 2013 – Project 3

Filming Football for Apes

Documenting Ape Action Africa’s community football project, where the sanctuary are combining the faces of their primates with the power that football has to inspire the youth in Cameroon.

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6th June 2014:
Great Primate Handshake Uganda 2014

The Handshake returns to Uganda on a 28-truck based expedition, click here to apply and make Handshake history with us.

11th July 2014:
Great Primate Handshake Kenya 2014

The Handshake returns to Uganda on a 28-truck based expedition, click here to apply and make Handshake history with us.