Alasdair Davies – Web solutions

Alasdair has over a decade of website development experience and is involved in multiple conservation projects across the globe. This includes a current technical advisory position for the Zoological Society of London’s Evolutionary Distinct, Globally Endangered project.

Laurence Hall – Video Solutions

With over 7 years of experience as a lecturer in Digital Video Production at the University of Wales, since 2012 Laurence has focused his time developing Handshake Productions CIC and advancing the Great Primate Handshake’s expeditions and outreach across Africa. Laurence brings with him a decade of teaching, working and supporting young people and community groups in the UK, USA and across Africa.


Dr Samantha Hurn – Research

Dr Sam Hurn is a social anthropologist and anthrozoologist from the University of Exeter. Sam specialises in human-animal interactions in a range of cultural and geographical contexts. Sam led the team of anthropologists on the 2008 Handshake, exploring human co-existence and conflict with baboons on the Cape Peninsula as well as conducting research on the experiences of the Handshake staff and volunteers.

Kirsty McQueen – Education 

Kirsty is an educationist with diverse experience in the research, design and delivery of education, coaching and mentoring programmes at national and international level. Consulting regularly with the Learning and Development Unit of the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University and holding an Associate Lectureship at the University, Kirsty brings to the Handshake a passion for community and conservation education, with a strong academic background and strength in planning, delivering, overseeing, and evaluating large education-based initiatives.

Volunteer Leaders

Lucy Radford – Conservation & Community Outreach

Lucy has a BSc in Biological Anthropology and an MSc in Primate Conservation. She has extensive experience working on conservation and community based projects in both the UK and Africa, and is passionate about the protection of primates and the issues surrounding human- wildlife conflict. Lucy volunteered on the Great Primate Handshake in 2009 & 2010, and became a team member in 2012.

Emily Turvey – Production & Volunteer Liaison

Emily has a BA in Media Production and has extensive experience of capturing and editing video footage and photography for conservation projects including the Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) and Great Primate Handshake. Having volunteered for the Great Primate Handshake in 2009 and 2010, she became a team member in 2012 offering production support and acting as volunteer liaison.


Dr Steven Gerrard – Secretary

Alongside his admin duties for the Handshake Steve is a lecturer in Film and Visual Culture at the University of Wales.

His academic interests include The Carry On Films – his PhD is based on these – horror films, British comedies, ‘Low Culture’, and ideas of ‘camp’. Steve has a passion for conservation, heritage and working with people.