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Since 2009 we have visited and worked with a number of organisations, projects and community groups including the Community Carbon Link (CCL) which connects the welsh village Lampeter with the remote Kenyan community in Bore. When CCL director Ru heard that we were celebrating our 5th birthday he wanted to share his thoughts on multiple visits to Bore since the ‘shake started.. The Handshake has been collaborating with the Community Carbon Link to support the subsistence farmers of Bore in Kenya since 2008. We’ve cooperated on a wide range of great development initiatives from tree planting and school building to forest preservation and filmmaking. Help from the Handshake has been so pivotal for our project that it’s hard to imagine where we would be without it! Here are some of the highlights of an inspirational 5-year partnership. Keep up the great work and best of luck for the next 5….. The Handshake was taking carbon offsets seriously earlier than everybody else… Before the project in Bore even started, the Handshake were offsetting their flight emissions with our parent company, Treeflights by planting trees in Wales and in a primate sanctuary in Sumatra. These are some Primate Handshake cherry trees on a Welsh mountainside. Ground-breaking Carbon Exchange… Back in 2009, the Handshake facilitated a radical, simultaneous tree-planting event between Lampeter and Bore. Whilst Laurence, Alastair and the volunteer team struggled out in the African bush with a generator, mobile satellite dish and bogged out vehicles, in west Wales school kids, MP’s and the local Mayor got themselves soaked to the skin planting willow trees and singing ‘Sospan Bach’. Primate-friendly forest conservation… Soon after that the Handshake committed to protecting 50% of our first 10-acre tropical forest reserve in Bore. Our agreement with the community allows them to continue grazing the conserved parcel but leaves the forest intact for primates and other wild animals. Thanks to this help we have been able to extend our programme of safeguarding forest and now have more than 100 acres available for sponsorship above Bore. This area is critical as a reserve for baboons that are really struggling in this part of Kenya as the human population rises inexorably. Film making in Bore… Its all very well helping communities in Africa but if no-one over here knows about what you’re doing it is virtually impossible to develop sustainable income streams for your project. The Handshake’s many films of our project have brought enormous exposure and made our search for grant funding a lot easier. Innovative social networking and crowd source funding… A brilliant Indiegogo campaign using a cover of the Carly Rae Jepson song ‘Call...

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Being King of the Road

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To celebrate our 5th year of running volunteer projects this month we are revisiting the team that that kick started it all and asking them two simple questions. What is your favorite memory? Where are you now? We have had a great response and over the coming weeks we will be sharing some great stories with you that highlight the amazing volunteers that make the ‘shake’s so great. What better way to start than with truck driver Stu McClean, who had the job of transporting volunteers and equipment to conservation organisations across South Africa in the mighty Oasis Overland truck NOX. What is your favorite memory? My most memorable moment? It’s taken me a couple of days thought to try and narrow it down; there are simply so many. Nicola’s poo shoes rates up there, as does the time in Cape Town. The movies were all amazing. I rewatched some of them on YouTube about a month ago and have dusted off the film Fi made for me a couple of times recently too. Lunch stops en-route were great and I’ll never forget “poloney!” If I had to pick just one though, it would be working with Alan to get the Wii remote working. Bodging together a couple of batteries and a homemade switch to produce the UV pointer seemed so primitive yet the result on the giant white sheet was incredible. Maybe it’s just my slightly tech-phobic nature, but amongst everything else, Alan’s first demo of the remote was my biggest “wow” moment. It showed what could be done simply, at little cost, to make a huge difference.  Watch the video that Handshake volunteer Fiona Harrington made telling the Stu’s story available to view online for the first time. Where are you now? After the handshake I headed up to Harare for Kid’s Week which was probably the highlight of my overlanding career. Then my plans changed quite a bit. The Zambian book bus was cancelled and I ended up teaching at the children’s home. I loved it, so headed back to NZ and trained as a secondary school teacher. Nowadays, I’m teaching mathematics at Nayland College in Nelson, NZ. No more truck driving, but still groups of 30 who I take one lesson at a time down the road to knowledge. I love it. Just the other week I spoke to another class about my overlanding career and showed them Fi’s film. They loved it and asked quite a few questions about the Handshake. And that’s me – five years gone – 120 kids (none my own), a bunch of bikes (all my own) and an impending...

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New Ways to Handshake

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New Look site Launched On our 5th birthday we’re proud to unveil our new look site and tell you how we’re evolving. DOWNLOAD THE PRESS RELEASE is designed to showcase the best of what we offer, be that our award winning production services or our flagship volunteer projects. We’ve worked hard to simplify our navigation and bring some of our best content to the fore for you to sample. You’ll also notice that our volunteer projects have grown and alongside the famous Great Primate Handshake we have new titles, Reforestation Handshake and Wildlife Handshake. You’ll have noticed, over the years we’ve expanded our remit to work with other deserving projects and we felt that these project should be reflected in name and programme. We have a strong commitment to all of the projects (and primates) we have worked with in the past and the Great Primate Handshake is continuing with projects already live for both 2013 & 2014. Take a look around our site now and let us know what you think in the comments – keep checking back as we expand our online archives of videos and...

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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