Primate Handshake: Filming Cameroon Apes

Primate Handshake: Filming Cameroon Apes

Date: 13th October – 25th October 2013

Price: £950 (Inc deposit)



This project will take you to the forests of Cameroon where you will work with Ape Action Africa, who are committed to protecting the great apes by rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned or injured gorillas and chimpanzees.

Working as part of a video team you will be creating a documentary designed to show the charity’s supporters how their donations have supported the primates of the sanctuary. You will be filming the daily activities witnessing firsthand the efforts that go into caring for injured and orphaned apes.

You will get to experience the rewards of seeing apes being rehabilitated and also learn from world experts on the troubling issues facing the conservation of gorillas and chimpanzees.

As part of the experience you will get to canoe down the neighbouring mangrove swamps, a rare ecosystem that is teeming with life.

For the duration of this project you will be living on location at Cameroon’s Mefou National Park, offering you the chance to film the action as it happens and edit the footage in a unique environment.

This trip is perfect for someone who wants the opportunity to see iconic great apes and meet people that work closely with them.

Notice: Although you will be in close proximity to the apes, only Ape Action Africa staff will be allowed to handle them.

What’s Included

  • Digital media training, support and guidance
  • Access to production equipment (HD video cameras, laptops, etc)
  • Access to 3G internet
  • Meet and learn from local conservation experts
  • Experience diverse culture and innovation
  • Generator for charging electrical equipment
  • Accommodation fees (approx. 90% camping & 10% simple Hotels/hostels)
  • Camping and cooking gear
  • Min. of 2 vegetarian meals per day (on average)
  • 11 nights’ accommodation

What’s Not Included

  • Visas approx. $50 (depending on nationality)
  • Meals taken while in hotels/hostels
  • Airport taxes & transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Drinks
  • Tips