Volunteering with the Great Primate Handshake was the best thing I could ever have done with my summer. An incredible experience meeting new people in an amazing place. The staff are extremely helpful and the whole group becomes like one big family.

The amount of different projects we became involved with and we created content for were inspirational organizations and would love to go back to see everyone again. From dancing with the primary school children to plating trees with locals – the entire experience was one I could never have imagined!

Travelling by truck was a great experience, just remember not to call it a bus or you owe the driver a beer! I would most definitely recommend the Great Primate Handshake to anyone who would like to do something completely different with their summer. Truly an amazing journey and could not have done it with nicer people! kenya 2012 is a trip that will live with me forever. Would like to say a big thank you to all who made it special!

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