I can’t say enough about this organisation, they are amazing! I went on the Kenya 2010 expedition and not a day goes by that I don’t think back that trip- it has forever changed me.

I am sure there are many great volunteer trips out there but I can’t imagine any come close to how uniquely put together this particular experience is. While traveling through the country (from rainforest to coastal shores) not only are you seeing more than most “one location volunteer experiences”, but you get to meet a variety of local people who invite you into their communities and conservation efforts. Everyday was a new experience.

I would do this trip over again in an instant for many reasons including getting to work with an amazing passionate (and fun) staff, a constant variety in landscape/people/culture, and for the unique and much needed service that the organization provides to grassroot organizations through film.

I love the Great Primate Handshake!

– See more at: http://www.volunteerforever.com/program_reviews_detail/great-primate-handshake#Reviews

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