Volunteer Projects

2nd-13th September 2013: 
Reforestation Handshake 2013 with One Tree, One Child, One Planet

Price: £850 + £100 in local currency (Kenyan shillings)

This project provides the participant with the unique opportunity of working with a remote community situated in Bore, a vast open landscape nestled between the beautiful beaches of Malindi and the magnificence of Tsavo national park in Kenya.

23rd September – 3rd October:
Wildlife Handshake 2013 with WWF Kenya
Price: £850 + £100 in local currency (Kenyan shillings)

This project will take you to tree nurseries, a national park and a sacred forest on the coast of Kenya, where you will meet the communities and conservationists who are dedicating their lives to protecting endemic species in unique habitats.

13th October – 25th October 2013:
Primate Handshake Filming Cameroon Apes 2013
Price: £950

This project will take you to the forests of Cameroon where you will work with Ape Action Africa, who are committed to protecting the great apes by rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned or injured gorillas and chimpanzees.

27th October – 8th November 2013:
Ape Action Africa: Primate Handshake Communities for Apes Cameroon 2013
Price: £950

Working as part of a video team you will be creating a documentary designed to show the charity’s supporters how their donations have supported the primates of the sanctuary.

10th November – 22nd November 2013:
Ape Action Africa: Football for Chimps Cameroon 2013
Price: £950

You will be creating a film covering Ape Action Africa’s community football project, where the sanctuary are combining the faces of their primates with the power that football has to inspire the youth in Cameroon.

6th June 2014 – 3rd July 2014:
Great Primate Handshake Uganda 2014
Price: £1500
Local Payment: £450

Join Handshake Volunteering’s original project The Great Primate Handshake on this 28-day expedition which takes you across Uganda to create digital media to support the work of primate organisations and conservation programmes.

11th July 2014 – 7th August 2014:

Great Primate Handshake Kenya 2014
Price: £1500
Local Payment: £450

Often referred to by anthropologists as “the cradle of humanity”, Kenya provides the opportunity to travel, explore and experience a country with such a climatic variance that it can support a diverse range of wildlife.